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The BIG Day!

Your Wedding day will be filled with emotions!

I will always be there to support you, but will never be the one to stressed you on your big day.

I will always encourage you and provide you with positive encouragements! You might think I am kind of crazy!

But... every time I scream; Yeah, i love it, you got this, Goshhhh, OMG.... LOL...

All of those expressions is because I do get very exited with the outcome of my camera projection.

Through out the process I might be showing you some of the angles to help you be more confident, relax and less stressed about your big day. 

I get it... It is your BIG DAY and you are the BOSS!

You will receive the rights to your digital photos after the wedding!

This allows you to print at any lab and share those images on social media and/or personal use.

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